2024 NPL Round 4 – Knights v Saints

After a thrilling second half comeback, the Knights return to Somers St with fresh enthusiasm for Sunday’s clash against fellow Croatian side St Albans Saints SC.

Thanks to a goal from newcomer Saif Sakhi from long range, the Knights were able to find their fire in last weeks match and go on to score two more goals, one thanks to Mitch Hore and one thanks to Ciarran Bramwell.

Despite the match ending in a three-all draw, the comeback displayed incredible heart and resilience from the side to not give up and to keep on fighting. The draw saw the side pick up a point and move from last place to 11th place on the NPL ladder.

This week see’s the side return for their third consecutive game on home soil, this time facing against 10th placed – but on equal points – St Albans Saints SC.

Keeping Ryan McGuffie on as head coach, the Saints were able to procure the talents of Adam Hodor, Nicholas Mori (Bendigo), Alan Gerez (Green Gully), Scott Bakkor (Warrington Rylands FC), Johsua Divin (Western United), Carter Ramsay (Eastern Lions), Max King (Gold Coast Knights), Jacob Sauverain (North Geelong Warriors), James Riccobene (Avondale), Marko Bulic (Sutherland Sharks NSW) along with several promotions, including Anton Bilic, Johnny Maglaras, Luka Cabraja, and Nicholas Debono.

Much like the Knights, the Saints in their opening three rounds have come away with a draw and two losses. Their single come came in round one against the sharks, followed by back-to-back losses to Avondale (2-1) in round two and Dandenong City (3-1) in round three.  Attaching prowess for the Saints has so far sat with newcomers Josh Divin and Carter Ramsay, each scoring a goal in the Avondale and Dandy City games respectively.

Melbourne Knights FC

2. Ben Carrigan, 4. Corey Sewell, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Anthony Duzel, 7. Mitch Hore, 8. Steve Whyte, 9. Ciarran Bramwell, 10. Gian Albano, 12. Felipe Sanchez, 13. Chris Oldfield, 14. Tomas Karlovic, 15. John Mabok 17. Mohammed Sumaoro, 18. Jack Morton, 21. Jakeb Wiseman, 23.Tom Woerndl, 27. Joseph Franjic, 29. Saif Eddine Sakhi, 32. Tommy Semmy

St Albans Saints SC

1. Jasko Keranovic, 2. Nelson Tshongo, 3. Chris Dib, 5. Adam Hodor, 7. Alan Gerez, 8. Brain Summerskill, 9. Scott Bakkor, 10. Zelfy Nazary, 11. Joey Monek, 12. Ivan Razumic, 13. Maks Colina, 13. Joseph Colina, 14. Anton Bilic, 15. Nicholas Mori, 16. Michael Grgic, 17. Luka Cabraja, 18. Jacob Sauverai, 19. Carter Ramsay, 20. Joshua Divin, 21. Marko Bulic, 22. Max King, 24. Johnny Maglaris, 29. James Riccobene

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