Knights’ own ‘Wog Boys’


Well known Greek-Australian comedy actor Nick Giannopolous recently produced one of the motion picture blockbusters of the year, ‘The Wog Boy’, with his irreverant portrayal of life in Australian society from an ethnic male’s perspective.

If he wants any ideas for an equally successful sequel, maybe he should tune into Wednesday night’s edition of Soccer Central on Optus Vision.

You see, the Melbourne Knights very own version of the ‘Wog Boys’ (Knights style) will have the audiences in stitches. Soccer Central’s Stephen Copping came down to Knights Stadium on Monday afternoon looking to do an interesting piece on the extremely diverse multicultural set-up of the Knights senior squad.

With no less than eight different nationalities represented in the current season squad, the Knights, who come from the culturally diverse Western Suburbs, are a club broadening its horizons.

And the early results are promising.

This year has seen the club embark on a major mission to attract diehard soccer fans, already converted to the greatest code in the world, from such ethnic groups as the Macedonian, Albanian, Italian, Chilean and other South American communities as well as the Croatian community.

However, when you get 8 Knights players who come from different cultural backgrounds and put them together what do you get? A third World War…. No chance! A war of wisecracks and practical jokes maybe. And that’s about it.

As testimony to the closeness and camaraderie that has started to develop amongst coach Vlado Vanis’ youthful NSL squad, Copping’s story soon transformed into one of the funniest pieces of behind the scenes soccer reports in recent years.

According to Knights’ Team Manager, John Sigur, who oversaw the entire production, “The so called Wog Boys segment was aimed at the multicultural aspect in evidenced at the Knights. It was indicative of the positive sea of changes affecting the Club from the players to the officials, sponsors and supporters.”

“The eight players profiled included Ransford Banini, Toto Da Costa, Andy Vargas, Jezza Sulemani, Josip Kozic, Alex Kiratzoglou, Lou Aceski and Joel Porter our resident ‘Aussie’!

It was very very humorous and in the end – very, very entertaining,” laughed Sigur.

The segment featuring the Knights’ talented array of comedians will screen on this week’s edition of Soccer Central on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Optus Vision.

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