Nicholas Jurcic joins MKFC for 2018!

Melbourne Knights is proud to welcome another member of the family and our newest signing, Nicholas Jurcic. Jurcic joins younger brother Luke in the squad, however he promises that their competitiveness does not get in the way of their football:

“It’s unreal that both of us are at the club, it’s always competitive between us, especially in this seasons games against North [Geelong].”

“This pre-season is killer, we’re always pushing each other, especially in sprints to try and see who’s quicker!” says Jurcic.

The 23 year-old re-joins the club after a three-year-long stint at North Geelong Warriors FC, and returns to the club as an improved player after his extensive appearances in Lara.

Having played a massive part in the Warriors promotion to the top tier of Victorian football, and then being a part of their relegation back to NPL2 this year, Jurcic knows all too well of the misfortunes of a team with an unfulfilled potential.

Speaking of his excitement about working under Asanovic and Racunica next season, he hopes they’ll inspire the squad to think as a fully-professional team, even whilst being held within a league without promotion to Australia’s top-tier:

“Working and training under both Asanovic & Racunica is going to be an amazing experience. I’m hoping I can push my way into this very strong squad, and show them and others around the club that I belong at this level and this club.”, stated Jurcic.

Nick is another young player who is no stranger to the Victorian football scene within the Croatian community, splitting his weekend free-time between playing for North Geelong, and sitting in the stands supporting Melbourne Knights. As an active member of the community himself, Jurcic expressed his interest in the continuing involvement of all fans and supporters in 2018, saying that it’s important that younger generations continue to support the club:

“Knights as a club, for me, has always been a beacon for the Croatians in Australia. A place where the community has gathered since before I was born. I think the club is heading in a good direction to bring the community back”, said Jurcic.

We warmly welcome Nick back to Somers Street, and extend our best wishes to him for the 2018 season.

With only a few more spots left in the squad, the Christmas & New Year break promise to be fruitful for Knights. Be sure to keep an eye out for all club announcements on Melbourne Knights Social Media pages, as well as our new quarterly magazine!

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