Club statement on the announcement of the National Second Tier competition

The Melbourne Knights Football Club welcomes Football Australia’s announcement this week of a National Second Tier, slated to begin in early 2025.

As one of the handful of clubs that has for years been championing the need for the establishment of a National Second Division, we have been instrumental in the discussion to date and believe we still have an important part to play in a National Second Tier in Australia.

Less than two months ago the footballing public were able to witness what a National Second Tier would look like at Knights Stadium, as the club was able to reignite the interest of its fanbase as over 5,000 turned out for our historic Australia Cup fixture against the Brisbane Roar. The match highlighted the strengths of our club and what our brand of football would be able to bring to a national competition.

Competing in a National Second Tier is an important long-term goal of the club and although our desire to return to the national stage is high, at this point in time, we do not believe it to be in the club’s best interest. During the RFP (Request for Proposal) phase, the club identified a number of key elements it found to be of concern, which was the main driver for the club electing not to formally complete the RFP.

We will continue to engage with Football Australia over the coming months to work through these concerns, and we remain hopeful of a positive outcome not only for our club, but football in Australia, through our inclusion to the National Second Tier in 2025.

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