Elite Football Facility upgrades underway at Somers Street

In a thrilling development for the Melbourne Knights Football Club, we are pleased to announce extensive ground and facility works that will enhance the playing experience for both players and fans are now underway. Our commitment to providing a leading sporting facility in Melbourne’s West is taking a significant leap forward with a series of upgrades including but not limited to, brand new irrigation and drainage systems, new perimeter fencing, new turf for pitches 2 and 3, upgraded lighting and a brand new small sided pitch 4.

  1. Major structure removal and earthworks:

The first and most noticeable changes to the facility at Somers Street has been the removal of the concrete training drill walls on pitch 3 (six in total), the removal of the old Melbourne Knights Juniors kiosk and the removal of the old Drive-In ticket booth, located adjacent to the old junior’s kiosk. The red and white checker portable change rooms are being relocated allow for the earthworks to proceed.

  1. Earthworks, irrigation, and drainage:

Thanks to Symon Brothers Constructions – a major corporate partner for season 2024, pitches 2 and 3 will be dug up and have new trenches dug out to accommodate for new irrigation and drainage systems. One of the major highlights of this initiative is the introduction of the brand-new irrigation systems on two of our main pitches. This technology ensures optimal hydration for the playing surface, creating a consistent and top-quality playing environment. With precise water distribution and efficient moisture management, our players can expect a playing field that meets the highest standards all year round.

  1. Lush Green Grass Installations:

The heart of any football pitch is its grass, and we’re thrilled to announce the installation of new, top-quality Santa Ana Couch to pitches 2, 3 and 4, blended with Rye Grass. This upgrade is designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for improved playability all year round, with two varieties of grass to give maximum playability during the summer and winter months.

  1. Reinforced Security: New Fencing:

In addition to the improvements on the playing surface, we are also investing in the overall security and aesthetics of our facility. New fencing will be erected for pitches 2 and 3, as well as the addition of concrete pathways for spectators.

Why These Upgrades Matter:

These extensive groundworks signify our commitment to creating an environment where football thrives for all our players. The investment in drainage and irrigation, high-quality grass, and facility upgrades underlines our dedication to the development and well-being of our players. Moreover, it reinforces our desire to provide a welcoming space for our community, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among our players and supporters.

We understand that our football club is not just a place for football matches but a hub for our community. These upgrades will not only benefit our players but also provide a more enjoyable experience for our fans. The improved aesthetics and functionality of our facility aim to make our football club a focal point for community engagement and pride.

During this period, there will be reduced access to the facility to accommodate the works.

Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this exciting journey of transformation. Together, we’re building a brighter future for our football club!

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