Team of the Century

Part of the Charles Billich - 60 Years of Melbourne Croatia painting
Part of the Charles Billich – 60 Years of Melbourne Croatia painting

The Melbourne Knights Soccer Club celebrated it’s 50th anniversary in 2003 in what would be the final season in the National Soccer League.

The Club’s celebratory Gala night was held at Flemington Racecourse on the 21st June 2003 and the announcement of the Club’s Team of the Century that same evening.

A panel of six judges chaired by Frank Burin, included Sports Journalists Roy Hay, Peter Desira, Craig McKenzie and past players Dujo Zemunik and Ivan Roso compiled the list of nominations on which the club members and supporters voted to decide the composition of the Team of the Century.

Melbourne Knights Team of The Century Nominees: –
Keith Adams
Bozo Basic
Mirko Bazic (COACH)
Ante Bilaver
Josip Biskic
Peter Blasby (GK)
David Cervinski
Adrian Cervinski
Tommy Cumming
Fausto De Amicis
John Gardiner
Steve Gojevic
Ivan Gruicic
George Hannah
Steve Horvat
Ivan Kelic
Michael Kis (COACH)
Steve Kokoska
Mirko Kovacek (GK)
Ante Kuzilek
Andrew Marth
Billy McArthur
Bill McIntyre
Duncan MacKay
Jimmy MacKay
Hammy McMeechan
David Miller (GK)
Branko Milosevic
Kenneth Murphy
Tom Pondeljak
Horst Rau
Joe Simunic
Mark Talajic
Danny Tiatto
Mark Viduka
Billy Vojtek

The Melbourne Croatia Team of the Century is as follows;

1. Peter Blasby – Goalkeeper (1978–1985)
2. George Hannah – Defender (1983–1993)
3. Steve Horvat – Defender (1993–1996, 2000–2003)
4. Steve Kokoska – Defender (1977–1983)
5. Andrew Marth – Defender (1989–1998, 2000–2004)
6. Jimmy Mackay – Midfielder (1965–1972)
7. Tommy Cumming – Midfielder (1978–1985)
8. Josip Biskic (VC) – Midfielder (1982–1995)
9. Billy Vojtek – Striker (1962–1972, 1977–1978)
10. Horst Rau (C) – Midfielder (1961–1972)
11. Mark Viduka – Striker (1993–1995)

12. Mirko Kovacek – Goal Keeper

13. Hammy McMeechan – Midfielder
14. Josip Simunic – Defender
15. Danny Tiatto – Midfielder
16. Kenny Murphy – Midfielder
17. John Gardiner – Defender

Mijo Kis (1966–1970, 1972)