Where Champions are Crafted

Melbourne Croatia Juniors - 1979

The tradition of producing high calibre players can be tracked back to Australia’s most prominent World Cup campaign in 1974, when a young Billy Vojtek represented club and country in helping the Australian National Squad qualify for the World Cup, and Jimmy Mackay scored the qualifying goal to get us to Germany that year – the following is a testimony to its players’ success:

PlayerInternational ClubNational TeamCaps (Goals)
Billy VojtekAustralia44 (13)
Vilson KnezevicGerminal BeershotAustralia1
Joe SpiteriLierseAustralia8 (2)
Mark VidukaNewcastle UnitedAustralia (C)43 (11)
Danny TiattoManchester CityAustralia23 (1)
Frank JuricBayer LeverkusenAustralia4
Joe SimunicHoffenheimCroatia105 (3)
Joe BacakVitesseAustralia U233 (2)
Mark TalajicAustralia1
Tom PondeljakJohor FAAustralia6
John MarkovskiAustralia19 (1)
Fausto De AmicisAustralia13 (2)
Branko MilosevicDinamo ZagrebAustralia15 (2)
Francis AwaritefeWimbledonAustralia3 (1)
Andrew MarthAustralia16 (1)
Alan DavidsonNottingham ForestAustralia (C)79 (2)
Yakka ‘Vjekoslav’ BanovicDerby CountyAustralia2
Zeljko AdzicDinamo ZagrebCroatia1 (1)
Jim CampbellBedford TownAustralia8
Jason CulinaAjax AmsterdamAustralia58 (1)
Tommy CummingAustralia11 (2)
Robbie DunnSouth ChinaAustralia25 (2)
Eugene GalekovicSC Beira MarAustralia4
Steve HorvatHajduk SplitAustralia (C)32 (1)
Ante JuricBenficaAustralia4 (1)
Steve KokoskaAustralia1
Eddie KrncevicDinamo ZagrebAustralia (C)35 (17)
Adrian LeijerFulhamAustralia1
Jimmy MackayAirdrieAustralia52 (5)
Hammy McMeechanCarlisle UnitedAustralia7
Ljubo MilicevicFC ThunAustralia6
Damian MoriBorussia MonchengladbachAustralia45 (29)
Kenny MurphyDundee UnitedAustralia15 (1)
Jeff OlverAustralia37
Sasa OgnenovskiSeongham IlhwaAustralia22 (1)
Joel PorterHartlepoolAustralia4 (6)
Matthew Spiranovic*FC NurembergAustralia35
Rodrigo VargasAustralia2
Ivan Franjic*Torpedo MoscowAustralia20
Toto Da CostaAngola12 (3)
Joe DidulicaAjaxCroatia4
Peter BeardsleyManchester UnitedEngland59 (9)
Ross GreerSelangorHong Kong3
Michael RedaHomentmen BeirutLebanon32 (7)
Vaughan Coveny FC EindhovenNew Zealand64 (28)
Greg DraperBasingstoke TownNew Zealand1
Chris JacksonGombak UnitedNew Zealand60 (10)
Duncan MacKayGlasgow CelticScotland14
Ian WallaceNottingham ForestScotland3 (1)
Henry Fa’arodo*Hekari United FCSolomon Islands61 (2)
Louis Fenton*Wellington PhoenixNew Zealand6
Kayne VincentAir Force Central FCNew Zealand1
Stjepan Lamza1860 MunichYugoslavia7
Total International Caps1137 (168)

* Denotes current International player.
This is a record which many Australian clubs would be envious of, and demonstrates a continous tradition that Melbourne Knights can be proud of.

The tradition is underpinned by a strong youth development program in place at the club which in the past few decades has seen a progression of no less than twenty youth team players, some as young as 16, to the senior ranks and being representative in the senior NSL fixtures and now VPL fixtures.

Currently young stars who learnt their trade at the Melbourne Knights have stepped up to the new national soccer competition, the A-League. Players such as Ivan Franjic, Mate Dugandzic and Andrew Barisic are not only cementing their places as senior squad players, and national representative players, but are also expected to spread their wings offshore in the international arena.

The following list shows individual honours of our champions;

Johnny Warren Medal
NSL Player of the Year
1989/1990 – Zeljko Adzic
1991/1992 – Josip Biskic
1993/1994 – Mark Viduka
1994/1995 – Mark Viduka
Sam Papasavas Medal
U21 NSL Player of the Year
1993/1994 – Mark Viduka
1994/1995 – Mark Viduka
NSL Coach of the Year
1993/1994 – Mirko Bazic
NSL Goalkeeper of the Year
1995/1996 – Frank Juric
NSL Top Goal Scorer
1993/1994 – Mark Viduka
1994/1995 – Mark Viduka
Joe Marston Medal
Grand Final Man of the Match
1990/1991 – Josip Biskic
1994/1995 – Steve Horvat
1995/1996 – Andrew Marth
Oceania Player of the Year
2000 – Mark Viduka
Alex Tobin Medal
2010 – Mark Viduka
VPL Gold Medal
Victorian League Player of the Year
1978 – Tommy Cumming
1979 – Tommy Cumming
2013 – Marijan Cvitkovic
Bill Fleming Medal
Victorian Media Player of the Year
1978 – Tommy Cumming
1979 – Tommy Cumming
2010 – Kevin Townson
Coach of the Year
Victorian Premier League
2008 – Chris Taylor (VPL)
Jimmy Rooney Medal
VPL Grand Final Man of the Match
2008 – Craig Elvin
VPL Under 21 Medal
Victorian U21 Player of the Year
2010 – Adrian Zahra
Weinstein Medal
Junior Player of the Year
1996 – Ljubo Milicevic



Hall of Champions
This is the highest award available for a contribution to the development of the game in Australia, and is given for eminent service or contributions to football in Australia, whether at state/territory level, nationally or internationally.

  • Alan Davidson
  • Eddie Krncevic
  • Mark Viduka

Medal of Excellence
This is awarded for distinguished service or contributions to football in Australia, whether at state/territory level, nationally or internationally.

  • Jimmy Mackay

Award of Distinction
This is awarded for outstanding service or contributions to football in Australia, whether at state/territory level, nationally or internationally.

  • Robert Dunn
  • Ken Murphy
  • Billy Vojtek
  • Jeff Olver
  • Damian Mori

Club Records

Best Result in the NSLW 8-1 v Wollongong Macedonia at Knights Stadium(h) 7.3.1991
Best Result in State CompetitionsW 29-1 V Brunswick Latvia at Corio Oval(h) 29.8.1959
Best Regular season NSL Crowd (home)11,415 v South Melbourne at Knights Stadium 5.3.2000
Best Finals Series NSL Crowd23,318 vs South Melbourne (1990/91 Grand Final) at Olympic Park
Biggest Unbeaten Streak20/08/1960 – 31/03/1962 (Preston Croat)
Biggest Winning Streak15 Games – (SC Croatia) 31/03/1962 – 07/07/1962 & (Preston Croat) 27/08/1960 – 22/07/1961
Biggest Winning Streak in the NSL7 games – 23/10/1994 – 4/12/1994
Biggest Unbeaten Streak in the NSL12 games – 13/05/1984 – 26/08/1984
Biggest Losing Streak in the NSL4 games – 12/4/1998 – 30/10/1998 & 3/10/1999 – 22/10/1999
Biggest Streak Without a Win in the NSL8 games – 13/12/1998 – 7/02/1999 & 12/12/1999 – 30/01/2000
Biggest Unbeaten Streak in the VPL19 games – 17-02/2008 – 29/06/2008
Most Goals in a Season (as a club)81 goals in 1959
Most Wins in a Season21 wins in 1983
Most Points in a Season66 points in 1995/96
Most Goals in a Match (NSL)Ivan Kelic 6 goals v Wollongong Macedonia at Knights Stadium(h) 7.3.1991
Most Matches in the NSLJosip Biskic 282 matches, Andrew Marth 269 matches
Most Matches All-TimeJosip Biskic 328 matches
Most Goals in the NSLIvan Kelic 78 goals, Adrian Cervinski 58 goals
Most Goals in a Season21 Mark Viduka 94/95, 21 David Brogan 1983
Best Games to Goal Ratio0.83 Mark Viduka 40 goals/48 games
Most Games Coached in the NSLMirko Bazic
Most Games Coached All-TimeAndrew Marth, Mijo Kis
Most Seasons at the ClubJosip Biskic 14, Billy Vojtek 13, Andrew Marth 13, Horst Rau 12, George Hannah 11, Mirko Kovacek 10

Club History compiled by Davor Ovcaric and Pave Jusup