Knights in Navy

The closest the Melbourne Knights ever want to come to the blues is playing in a derby game against traditional rivals South Melbourne.

On Saturday (7 April), the Knights senior squad had a very different close encounter of the Navy kind at Station Pier, Port Melbourne.

They were given a private tour of two US warships visiting Melbourne; the Guided-missile cruiser USS Chosin and Guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold.

The squad was amazed that such large cruisers and destroyers in physical size were so compact and small on the inside.

Living quarters have no luxuries and some of the taller Knights negotiated the tight, steep stairways without incident.

“It’s an eye-opener and a bit different to what you might see in the movies,” said Captain-Coach Andrew Marth.

“The whole ship is specifically designed to maximise the performance of its particular job without any excesses or extravagance.

“In a way, that’s kind of what we’re on about at the Knights.”
Sailors from the USS Chosin and USS Benfold ventured out to Knights Stadium yesterday to play in a couple of friendly games and catch the game against Adelaide City.

We hope the tour of the US warships can have a postive influence on the Mighty Reds.

In the run to the finals, the Knights look forward to finishing the season on a high note with our own high quality precision manouvres.

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