2024 NPL Round 16 – Avengers v Knights

The Knights are once again on the road this week as they face off against Avondale FC.

After a disappointing loss to Port last week, the side will be looking to bounce back.

The last time they faced off in Round 3, Avondale had the wood over Knights in the first half, scoring twice and then early in the second half, scoring their third in the 51st minute.

However, the Knights showed their spirit that night and were able to claw it back, breaking even for their efforts, with goals to Saif Sakhi in the 59th minute, a Ciaran Bramwell penalty in the 79th and a header in the 93rd, earning the home side a much-deserved point.

It was a heated affair with Avondale Head Coach, Zoran Markovski ousted from the pitch due to time wasting.

While it has been easy for the Knight since they last played Avondale, they’ll look to take all three points with them this week.

Avondale, on the other hand, has been performing well, and other than a couple of shock defeats earlier in the season, is sitting comfortably in second spot on the ladder.

Come down and support the side down at Avenger Park, as they look to add another win to the tally, they face Avondale FC on Saturday, 1 June at 3pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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