NPL R22 Preview – Melbourne Knights FC v Kingston City FC

Round 22 action is upon us this Sunday afternoon at Knights Stadium, as the Knights face off against Kingston City FC. With the end of the season in sight, the crunch-time is now for the Knights, with every point helping pave the path to finals football.

The Knights come off the back of a Round 21 win against Green Gull SC, which saw the side claim an early penalty before half-time. The lead was held till the final whistle, giving the Knights the crucial thee points and further separating them from Gully, who before the game were only one point behind the Knights. The round also saw the return of Kym Harris to the starting line-up, who had a huge impact on the Knights attacking ability.

This week sees the side come into Round 22 after an eight-day break, allowing some extra time to refresh the legs. With the squad creeping closer to appearing like the side that had an impressive four-game winning streak only a few weeks ago, the home side will be looking to capitalise on a strong squad, and return to winning ways. A win here, meaning a further 3 points, would further separate them from the mid -table pack.

Kingston City on the other hand are in 12th position on 21 points after also claiming a 2-0 win in Round 21 over Northcote City FC. For those who can remember all the way back to Round 9, Kingston City were able to cause an upset the last time the two faced-off, beating the Knights 1-0 at home. Kingston will be looking to hold nothing back from the Knights, as they currently sit in the relegation playoff position, which they will be looking to wriggle out of and replace with Hume City.

With only three home games remaining, the club is urging all fans to come down to Knights Stadium this Sunday afternoon to see the team in action. Remember Knights fans that U20s action will kick off before hand at 12.30pm. Also come down and get your hands on some exclusive merch being sold at the merchandise kiosk upon entry into the stadium.

Match Details

Kick-off: 3:00pm

Venue: Knights Stadium

Forecast: 13°C, Showers

Melbourne Knights FC squad: 1. Harry Cakarun, 2. Luke Jurcic, 3. Shaun Timmins 4. Ben Surey, 5. Milan Batur, 6. Tomislav Uskok, 7. Nate Foster, 9. Kym Harris, 10. Marijan Cvitkovic, 11. Nikola Jurkovic, 12. Anthony Dezic, 13. Ayden Brice, 14. Teeboy Kamara, 18. Mitchell Walsh, 19. Anthony Duzel, 20. Jordan Gifkins, 23. Tim Purcell, 37. AJ Inia

Ins: NA

Outs: 21. Andelo Svalina (injured)

Unavailable: 17. Nicholas Jurcic (hamstring)

Referee: Ioannis Zisis

Assistant Referee 1: Marco Castelli

Assistant Referee 2: George Loukeris

4th Official: Terry Constandelos

Assesor: Colin Williams

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