Your guide to the FFA Cup R32 live draw

The Knights have had an epic Cup run up to this point and it only looks to continue with tonight’s FFA Cup Round of 32 live draw. Here’s your definitive guide to tonight’s Round of 32 draw Knights fans.

32 Teams

The full list of 32 teams was confirmed late Tuesday night, with Darwin Olympic rounding out the group. The full list of teams qualifying for the round of 32 are below. The Knights can be found at number 25.

Pot listings and drawing rubric 

For the Round of 32, club will be allocated into one of two pots: Pot A (Hyundai A-league clubs) and Pot B (Member Federation Clubs). The Knights can be found in Pot B, at number 15.

The draw process will be as follows:

Pot A: six balls will be drawn one at a time – Home first, then Away, for the three Hyundai A-League v Hyundai A-League club matches.

Pot B: 18 balls will be drawn one at a time – Home first, then Away, for the nine Member Federation v Member Federation club matches.

Pot B and A: Remaining balls drawn one at a time – Home (Pot B) then Away (Pot A) for the four Member Federation v Hyundai A-League club matches.

FOX SPORTS will provide comprehensive coverage from the Round of 32 onwards.

The FFA Cup’s official broadcaster will show one LIVE match per match night while providing coverage and updates, as well as live streams, of all non-broadcast matches.

For more information regarding watching the live draw, take the jump over to the FFA Cup’s official website here.

Round of 32 opponent

What happens next?

Our Round of 32 fixture against Adelaide United FC will be played on one of three match days (Tuesday or Wednesday) between the 23 July – 7 August.

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