Knights release alternative Whole of Football Plan

Melbourne Knights has published the Club’s alternative submission to Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) Whole of Football Plan (WOFP), which the country’s governing body released last Tuesday.

A copy of the submission can be found on the official Melbourne Knights website here.

The 6-page document addresses the topics covered by the WOFP, as well as being guided by four central pillars of ideology and philosophy:

  • True equal opportunity for all clubs at all levels.
  • Recognising that there are many different reasons for being part of the football community not all of which align – this shouldn’t be seen as a weakness but as an indication of our sport’s diversity and accessibility.
  • Freedom for all stakeholders to choose their involvement in the game and to shape the framework of the sport democratically.
  • That the success of the Socceroos and Matildas is above all else and is the ultimate goal of Australian soccer.

The Club’s submission aims to promote healthy debate in the football community and to avoid the situation of a one-sided view being presented, adopted and implemented with potentially chaotic results.

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