Knights to publish book in 2019

As one of the most storied and unique football clubs in Australia – it’s a shame that our rich history has never been eternalised in print. Until now.

We are calling all Melbourne Croatia-Knights fans, former officials, committee members, players, juniors and their families to get in contact with the club as soon as possible to arrange to get some of your images scanned for the club’s archive.

As the initial members of this club dwindle, of which there are a handful left – some of our history, some of the stories and images that describe it – will be lost forever. That’s part of this push – to identify individuals in photographs the club already has and as a healthy by-product – to truly enrich our large archive.

We are lucky that we already have an extensive archive – the majority of which was meticulously curated and donated to the club on the wishes of the late Frank Burin by his family.

We are putting out the word out – especially to the older members of the Croatian community and their children – who may have lapsed in interest many years ago – photographs from our earliest days are especially priceless – taking part and contributing in any small way will help enternalise the memory and will of the people that founded, grew and continue to sustain this great club.

To give the story of this club justice – a book of epic proportions is required – not only in effort and research, but it is literally a mammoth story of early Croatian emigration, settlement, community, sport, politics, struggle and family intertwined with each other.

The only way that we can begin to comprehend this story together is through photographs. Which is why the club intends to publish a pictorial history (a coffee table book) chronicling the club’s story from 1953 to this day.

It will include pictures and information about committees, members, fans, events, juniors and everything in between – we have even compiled a list from club records of every person that has ever been a member of the club since 1953 until now (listed once each) – totalling nearly 5,000 people.

The club isn’t only interested in photographs from it’s early years – but from every year – be it a junior presentation night, trials, AGMs, the building of the stadium – whatever it may be – the club wants to make a copy for itself and will provide you a digital version.

We believe that a book like this is long overdue and that it will truly illustrate more than just Melbourne Croatia-Knights.

Club President Pave Jusup is leading the project and welcomes anyone to contact him via the club email address or phone number for more information.

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