Knights to host 2013 Croatian Tournament

It is with great pride that we, the entrusted caretakers of the Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club, can confirm that the 2013 Croatian Soccer Tournament will be hosted in Melbourne.

In a break from tradition, Savez President, Stela Krivicic, made a moving speech and the announcement last night, much to the delight of a jubilant Presentation Night crowd of players, members, supporters and sponsors.

We would like to thank the Savez, as well as our sister clubs across Australia & New Zealand who were in agreement when it came to who should be awarded the prestigious honour of next year’s Croatian Soccer Tournament, in light of our milestone 60th anniversary.

Speech from Stela Krivicic…

“The upcoming Croatian Soccer Tournament is shaping up to be one of the biggest in history. With only a week to go, you can almost feel the excitement in the air. Every club has their different goals at the soccer tournament, from taking home the cup, to just having a great time with their brothers and sisters from around the country.

There are so many questions that are waiting to be answered next week. Can the Knights win the cup for the third time, thus keeping it forever? Who will be crowned Miss Croatia Australia? Will she be a worthy replacement for the Knights’ own, Ivana Raspudic? Arguably, the most important question is who will earn the right to host next year’s tournament?

We all know that next year that the Melbourne Knights will be celebrating 60 magnificent years, and a history that makes it an icon of Australian sport. It has been the pinnacle of football in this country and its achievements can never be rubbed out by anybody or any organisation. Like the tournament itself, the Knights have stood for more than just soccer. It has been a gathering place for the community for decades; somewhere we could all call home, our own little piece of Croatia.

Applications to host next year’s tournament closed 2 weeks ago. It is true that we had a few clubs express their interest in hosting the 39th Croatian Soccer Tournament. However, when it came down to the crunch, all interested parties respected the history of the Melbourne Knights too much to bid against them.

So, as President of the Savez, it is with absolute delight and honour that I announce the host of the 2013 Croatian Soccer Tournament will be the Melbourne Knights!”

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