MKFC host intimate mid season review

You would most certainly be forgiven for missing the whispers around town about the Melbourne Knights Football Club Mid-Season Review. On Wednesday night, the 13th of June, major sponsor The Pumphouse Hotel hosted the intimate review for players, coaches, staff, VIPs and other major sponsors – as a show of appreciation from the current Melbourne Knights Board of Directors for the on-going support by all those who have recommitted to supporting the club for the 2018 Season.

The purpose of the exclusive event was to provide a mid-year hot-take of all that has occurred since the beginning of the year, as well as to provide major stakeholders with a vision of what’s to come, not only for the rest of the year – but for the years ahead.

Board member Jure Dragovic eloquently MC’d the evening, beginning by introducing MKFC President Pave Jusup, who provided an encouraging message to all those in attendance, stating the following:

“This year has marked a new direction for the club, and the response from our supporters, members and sponsors has been nothing short of fantastic.”

Jusup then went on to announce possibly the most exciting news of the night,

“On behalf of the Melbourne Knights Football Club Board of Directors, I can proudly announce that the club has secured the services of Aljosa Asanovic and Dean Racunica for Season 2019.”

The president concluded his speech with a good luck to all for the remainder of the season, as well as a reminder to keep representing the pride and passion that Melbourne Knights is known for.

Pave Jusup - MKFC President

MC Dragovic then passed the microphone to the President of the MKFC Juniors Committee, Suzi Kolic – who gave an insightful look into the workings of the club from a youth football perspective. Her words representing the strong junior development that the club has always been proud of. She also stated that Seniors Assistant Coach, Dean Racunica, has recently launched Saturday morning exclusive training sessions with juniors of his personal selection – as a means of providing select talented juniors with a valuable pathway to the senior sectors of the club from a younger age. This is an initiative that Racunica will repeat with different sets of juniors over (at least) the next 18 months, providing Melbourne Knights with yet another point of difference as the club strives to become the premier juniors destination in Victoria.

Suzi Kolic - MKFC Juniors President

The night then briefly took a different direction, as Dragovic invited Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club’s Secretary, Monica Cimera, to the stand – to talk about all the ways that both the social club, and the football club have worked together this year in order to achieve a higher calibre of match-day experience, as well as additional events, in what has so far been a very successful motive to get members of the community back to Somers St.

Cimera emphasized her excitement of working with the new Melbourne Knights Board of Directors, and stated the following:

“It’s important that we work together in achieving these things, the social club has always been there to support the football club, and that’s the way it should be.” 

“It’s been great to work with a Melbourne Knights committee who are excited to do new things at the club, and who can make brave decisions in order to get people back to the complex.”  

Monica Cimera - MCSC

Dragovic then went on to invite new signing Andelo Svalina to the podium, and conducted a brief Q & A session with the young Croatian – giving those in the room an insight into just how big the move was for him, and what his opinion of Australia has been so far.

To finalize the evenings processions, Head Coach Aljosa Asanovic took the stand, giving those in attendance an overview of his time so far in Australia, and what he thinks is needed moving forward in (at least) the next 18 months:

“It is a huge club, with a lot of important history – this needs to be acknowledged and respected.” said Asanovic.

“However, it is also important that we don’t dwell on the past for too long, as the future is even more important, and the steps we take to get there must not be taken lightly. We must work together to have plans in place to maintain the club’s stature, and achieve great things moving forward.” 

Dragovic and Asanovic

Jure Dragovic then concluded the evening by thanking everyone for their attendance, as well as thanking all major sponsors for their on-going support, and expressed his own personal excitement for the remainder of Season 2018.

The MKFC Mid-Season Review was a great night filled with appreciation of what has occurred so far this year, as well as an insightful representation of what is to come for the remainder of the year and onward.

Melbourne Knights Football Club would like to thank all members, families and fans for their undying support, as it looks toward finishing Season 2018 on a high note.

Zivjela Croacija.



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