NPL R11 Preview – Port Melbourne SC v Melbourne Knights FC

After a thrilling round 10 performance, the Knights once again hit the road, this time travelling to bayside club Port Melbourne SC. With wet conditions forecasted for the entire week, the weather is sure to be a defining factor for this Friday nights clash. 

The home side comes off the back of a round 10 draw to Northcote City, with both sides walking away with a goal and a point apiece. The Sharks currently sit mid table in 6th position on 13 points, averaging only one goal a game. A special mention is Japanese international Yuta Konagaya, leading the charge in goal scoring for his side. However, in all of their wins, keeper Matthew Symes has managed to keep clean sheets for his side.

Similarly, the Knights also shared points in round 10 with league leaders Avondale FC, who the Sharks were unable to beat back in round four, losing 3-1 to the Avengers at home. After round 10, the Knights still remain in the bottom half of the table, now on nine points, after their two wins, three draws and five losses. Nevertheless, with some momentum carried over from the previous round and provided they can back it up with the same determined form, a win for the Knights can see them jump up to a maximum of 7th place, which would position them well for the second half of the season.

Team News

Melbourne Knights FC squad: 2. Luke Jurcic, 3. Shaun Timmins, 4. Ben Surey , 7. Nate Foster, 8. Brody Taylor, 10. Marijan Cvitkovic, 12. Anthony Dezic, 13. Ayden Brice, 17. Nicholas Jurcic, 19. Anthony Duzel, 20. Jordan Gifkins, 21. David Stojic, 23. Tim Purcell

Ins: 6. Tomislav Uskok, 11. Nikola Jurkovic

Outs: 1. Harry Cakarun, 16. Louis Fenton

Unavailable: 5. Milan Batur (injury), 9. Kym Harris (injury)


Match Details

Kick-off: 8:30pm

Venue: JL Murphy reserve – SS Anderson Oval

Forecast: 13°C

Referee: Lachlan Keevers

Assistant Referee 1:  Karl Petreski

Assistant Referee 2: Laura Moya

4th Official: Pouya Ghadirian


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