Cimera appointed as Honourary Chairman

Melbourne Knights is able to confirm that club President Ange Cimera has resigned from his position and will now hold the role of Honourary Chairman.


The resignation from Mr Cimera – which was made to the board and senior coaching staff – came quietly last Saturday prior to being announced as the President of the social club arm of the community – the Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club.


Mr Cimera in his new position at the Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club will now be responsible for the overall management of the member owned Melbourne Croatia Sports Centre facility and all of its stakeholders, including the Melbourne Knights.


Melbourne Knights is also happy to confirm that it has appointed Simun Samardzic as acting President until the next Knights Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Following the resignation, The Knights Board unanimously selected Mr Cimera as Honourary Chairman of the Melbourne Knights Football Club.


Speaking to, Mr Cimera said his decision to move away from the Knights was made easier given the good work being done by the existing board while also saying his decision  to move to the social club side was motivated by his desire to bring the football and social arms of the community closer.


“I’ve been at the club now for five years – at the soccer club which is the Melbourne Knights. I feel that we’ve stabilised things there and we’ve got a very,very young committee doing a fantastic job and I just thought it was time to move on. I didn’t like how the social club was  being run and I was told that I had to step in and try and help out there.


“The people who run [the social club] before, I think they ran it in their way to keep it alive and keep it afloat but at the end of the day I think there’s not enough unity between the two clubs and it’s about time that things changed. So that’s why I left the Melbourne Knights Football Club as the President and went over to the other side to the social club.


When asked what his new role as Honorary Chairman would entail, Mr Cimera said that his responsibilities would mainly be around overlooking the progress of the football club, but stated that his involvement may be minimal.


“I think that the board is a very young board and I think they’re very well committed. For me, I think it’ll be more of an overseeing role – making sure that what we put into place over the last four years just continues, that they stay on the right track. If they do what they’ve been doing up until now, my role will be minimal – it’s a simple as that.”

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