Knights launch 2011 Membership campaign

The Melbourne Knights FC are proud to launch its 2011 membership campaign under the catchphrase, Then, Now & Always.
The Membership team at the club worked hard in ensuring that 2010 members would receive more merchandise compared to last year, whilst keeping membership prices the same, something that hasn’t changed since the year 2000.
The addition of a limited edition black membership scarf for all classes of membership in 2011 is sure to please. The decision was made to reward all members of the club who have stuck with their colours and emblem for the last 50 years and asked for little in return. The fact that the club has not had a scarf as part of any sort of merchandise since it’s 50th anniversary in 2003 makes it all the more special. A white version of the scarf will be available to purchase, whilst the black version is only available to members.
The basic structure of the membership packages has stayed the same while the club has also put an emphasis on its interstate membership, which is basically the same as the Gold class merchandise wise, but does not include entry into all games or parking, proof of interstate residency is necessary of couse. Last year the club introduced this class at the last minute, and without much marketing over 30 people signed up from all over Australia.
Club president Ange Cimera wrote to all 2010 members in the end of season mail out last week, but just in case you missed it, here is his message for the upcoming season;

With the 2011 season fast approaching I would like to extend a warm season’s greetings to every member, supporter and sponsor of our great club, the Melbourne Knights. The loyalty of our fans in becoming paid up members of this proud club has been the foundation upon which our successes and triumphs …have been built.
In designing the 2011 membership packages, we have again placed a great deal of importance on value for money. The inclusion of our Interstate Membership option has proven to be a surprising success. As well as this, the traditional Gold, Silver and Bronze membership packs will once again be available, with exciting new merchandise incentives on offer.
Last season saw our club narrowly escape relegation, but more importantly the club returned to its roots. No clearer was the new direction of the club present than at the 15 Year Championship Reunion, where fans of yesteryear turned up to see the Knights, of THEN and NOW, take to the hallowed turf at Somers Street. Our commitment to return to our roots was rewarded as we saw membership for the 2010 season triple and average crowds for the year double from season 2009. It is our goal to continue to build on this growth and secure the success of the Melbourne Knights for future generations.
This is our club. The Melbourne Knights belongs to all of us and will always mean something in our community. Our parents and grandparents built it for all of us. It was their commitment, their passion and their vision that gave us all that we can be proud of today, on and off the park. Now it’s our turn to step up and become caretakers for future generations.
The Melbourne Knights…Then, Now and Always…
Andjelko Cimera
President – Melbourne Knights FC

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